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recently added homes
  • Ref # 22630 Eastchester/6

      2 Bedroom 2 Bath 1st floor Condo off Eastchester Dr. less than 4 miles to market.

    Ref # 51150 Kernersville

      Large 3 story house with 5 Bedrooms and 3.5 Baths.  About 14 miles from market but worth the drive and priced appropriately.  Features an enchanting outdoor space for entertaining or relaxing.

    Ref # 31240 Johnson St.

    Well Decorated and comfortable 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath in High Point just of Johnson St. less than 6 miles to the heart of downtown.

  • Ref # 2904 Jamestown

      Quaint and cozy 2 Bedroom 2 Bath in Jamestown less than 6 miles from downtown High Point.

    Ref # 33325 High Point

      Clean, Comfortable, and well decorated 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath with large beds less than 5 miles to downtown.

    Ref # 35194 Jamestown

      Elegantly Decorated 3 Bedroom 2 Bath in historic Jamestown less than 5 miles to Market features a large “Man Cave” downstairs for unwinding.

  • Ref # 33338 Skeet Club

      Afford ably priced 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath off Skeet Club Rd. only 7 miles to market and near lots of shopping and dining on Eastchester Dr.

    Ref # 63102 Oak Hollow La

      This home has 6 Bedrooms and 5 Full baths.  It’s located near Oak Hollow Lake, less than 4 miles to the showrooms.  It features a large private suite downstairs with a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and separate entrance/exit.

    Ref # 41405 Emerywood For

      4 Bedrooms and 3 Full Baths in Emerywood Forest.  Super cute and super convenient.

A dash of color, a layer of texture, just a touch of glam, or a curiosity at the center of a charming focal point, in so many ways, accessories are essential to great design. Gain some accessorizing inspiration as Editor at Large discusses Market’s marvelous melange of trimmings, trappings, and accoutrements with Stacy Naquin, Meredith Heron, Traci Zeller, Tina Ramchandani, Nicole Gibbons, Eileen Kathryn Boyd, Mitzi Beach, and Jeanne Chung.

Registration for Fall Market opened on July 15, so now is the time to start scheduling your flight, reserving your rooms, and thinking about the showrooms, seminars and events you want to see. With so many moving parts, planning a trip to High Point Market can seem overwhelming. But you don’t have to worry. Just follow these six steps to get from home to showroom – and back – with ease.